When faced with hiring an attorney, especially if it is your first time, you may have questions.  Here are some commonly asked questions:

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a fee paid in advance for legal services, so that the attorney can begin to work on your legal issues.  The money is held in a special account, and the time spent working on your case is billed against the retainer, as well as any filing fees, fees for copies of records, and other expenses that might apply, depending on your case.  Sometimes, the retainer is not enough to cover the litigation from beginning to end and you will be asked for additional money, and sometimes it is more than enough, and a refund is provided.

What is a flat fee?

A flat fee is a fee charged by an attorney for a specific representation. For example, if you need to be represented in court for driving under the influence, you might be charged a flat fee for that trial.

What do I do if my circumstances have changed since a separation agreement or custody agreement?