Personal Injury and Auto Accidents

At the Law Office of Thomas and Franzoso, we represent plaintiffs in auto accidents and personal injury cases involving soft-tissue injuries, back and neck injuries, as well as catastrophic injuries to the head and spine. We also take wrongful death cases, seeking compensation for the family to cover medical and funeral expenses, lost income and emotional distress.

Personal injury and wrongful death can occur for reasons other than just auto accidents. The most common causes of personal injury include:

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents

The negligence of a person or party

The intentional acts of a person or party

Dog bites

Medical malpractice 

Mr. Thomas has over ten years experience working for major insurance carriers as a trial attorney. As such, he understands the insurance companies' trial and settlement strategies. Furthermore, Mr. Thomas has tried literally hundreds of auto accident cases over the years. This experience allows him to understand both sides of a case and develop effective settlement and trial strategies.

Mr. Thomas handles all pretrial negotiations, discovery, and all trial litigation of each auto accident case. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident or at the hands of another person, we can help. We will seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills, long-term care, pain and suffering and other expenses so you can heal and receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

We offer a free consultation, and there is no fee unless we recover damages for you. Before you call an insurance company, please call attorney James Thomas at 301-262-0059 to schedule your free consultation or e-mail him today.

Criminal Defense

Elizabeth Franzoso and James Thomas are dedicated to providing aggressive, diligent, and excellent representation to clients facing criminal and traffic charges in the State of Maryland. Confidentiality and discretion are guaranteed. Ms. Franzoso and Mr. Thomas will protect your rights and will vigorously fight for your freedom. They have successfully defended clients in cases ranging from misdemeanor and traffic offenses to more serious felony charges, such as drug distribution, robbery, sex offense, and murder charges. Both are experienced trial lawyers who have won countless trials and are comfortable arguing before both judges and juries, and are committed to winning your case!

When accused of a crime, it is crucial to secure representation immediately, so that you may avoid making unknowing mistakes that will haunt you at your trial. Do not make any statements, do not agree to be searched or for your property to be searched, and make it clear that you want a lawyer.

Contact Ms. Franzoso or Mr. Thomas immediately at (301) 262-0059. If you have already been charged with a crime and you have made a statement or have had unfavorable evidence discovered as a result of a search and seizure by government agents, we can still help you. Time is of the essence in a criminal case. Please call us now.

Elizabeth Franzoso and James Thomas represent clients charged with all varieties of criminal and traffic offenses, including:


Rape/Sex Offenses






  Drug Distribution

  Drug Possession


  Driving while Suspended

  Disorderly Conduct

  Resisting Arrest


Family Law

Family law is concerned with legal issues involving divorce, child custody, and child support. This is perhaps the most stressful and emotional experience that many adults face.  It is crucial to have seasoned experienced advocates representing your best interests in these matters.  Mr. Thomas and Ms. Franzoso have experience with all of these issues, and other related legal matters, as well as adoption, paternity, emancipation, or other matters usually not related to divorce. Contact Mr. Thomas or Ms. Franzoso for a consultation if you need representation in any of the following matters: 



Child Custody


Child Support

Spousal Support/Alimony



Protective Orders